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Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS2172-2MO – 2017 Rawlings Glove Line

The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS2172-2MO is going to be part of the 2017 Rawlings glove line that comes out around Opening Day. All I can say is that the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS2172-2MO gets my hopes up for a really fire 2017 lineup. Here’s a look at this beauty:

Finally! Mocha is back in Rawlings’ stock lineup. The stunning look of the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS2172-2MO almost makes up for all of the years mocha has been absent from stock gloves. In mocha and camel, this model is pretty simple, but it is one of the nicest looking gloves on the market.

Besides the looks, mocha leather is some of the best feeling leather around (from all brands). Considering that it is Rawlings’ Kip leather from their Pro Preferred line, the mocha leather is lightweight, thick, and durable. It is some of the highest quality leather available on any glove.

All in all, mocha leather is just about the best leather to have on a baseball glove in terms of what matters: looks and durability.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS2172-2MO

The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS2172-2MO is 11.25″ 217 pattern model with an I-web. From experience, the 11.25″ 217 pattern plays a lot like the 1788 pattern from Wilson in that it has a shallow pocket and one hinged thumb-middle finger close. This size/web/pattern combination will work best at second base.

Thankfully, Rawlings left a finger pad off of the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS2172-2MO. Typically, Rawlings puts the thin piece of leather on every model they make, but it looks like Rawlings listened to the crowd’s grievances and decided to do away with the finger pad on a lot of models.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS2172-2MO

The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS2172-2MO is a great start for Rawlings to launching their 2017 glove line. From what I’m seeing, the 2017 Rawlings Glove Line will include some of the best looking models to date. You’ll have to wait to get a Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS2172-2MO, though, as it is only available through preorder (and will not ship for another month. Ouch.)

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What are your thoughts on the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS2172-2MO?

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