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Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12ICBR

This post serves as a guide to the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12ICBR, including a discussion of the history of the glove, an overview of the pattern, and more.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12ICBR

History of the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12ICBR

Believe or not, but the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12ICBR was actually the first Rawlings Pro Preferred glove ever, having been released in 2001. When looking at the new Pro Preferred models, it is hard to imagine that this idea was only created less than 20 years ago.

In addition, it is also the best-selling Rawlings Pro Preferred glove of all-time, not only due to its decade-and-a-half time on the market, but also the fact that it is one of the most well rounded gloves for a middle infielder.

Pattern Overview

The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12ICBR is an 11.25” glove with an I-web, meaning it is a bit on the smaller side of middle infield gloves.

However, this smaller size is good when you look at it from the perspective of what a middle infielder wants: a shallow pocket for the necessary quick transfers on double plays and simple groundballs.

Due to the nature of this pattern (which is technically an NP2), the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12ICBR will play extremely shallow and flat, making the shallow pocket that we mentioned earlier.

Due to the size/pocket combination, we find the pattern of the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12ICBR to work best at second base, but could also be used at short, too, if you like smaller glove at that spot.


In our eyes, the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12ICBR has one of the classiest colorways on a glove: bruciato and camel. While it will not stand out in a crowd of gloves, this look is beautiful and ages wonderfully.

Discussion of the Top-Quality Materials

In addition to the good pattern and classy colorway, the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12ICBR has another “plus” to it: the durable materials used on the glove.

With a high-quality Kip leather that is both lighter and more durable than Steerhide leather, top-notch lacing, and inserts and padding that hold the glove’s shape, the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12ICBR will be a glove that endures many seasons of heavy use.


Overall, the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12ICBR is a glove for a second basemen or shortstop looking for both a shorter and shallower glove that also combines high quality materials and a sweet colorway.

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