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Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB | Review and Specs

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB

After spending some time with the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB, I fell in love with the glove and decided to write a quick review on the glove.

The Pattern and Specifications

The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB is an 11.5″ infield glove with an I-web. From our studies into the best shortstop and second base gloves, this size/web combo is perfect for the middle infield. When we get into the pattern, more parts of the pattern will make sense into why this pattern is great for up the middle.

The 1150 Pattern

As part of their Pro Department, Rawlings sometimes opts for unique pattern names for common patterns available on the market. That is the case with the 1150 pattern, which is solely an 11.5″ 217 pattern.

I am a fan of the 2174/1150 pattern. The pocket is shallow and wide (what you want in the middle infield), and very comparable to what you get from a Wilson 1786. The form is in-between the bowl-shaped 200 pattern and flat NP pattern. Perhaps the resemblances to the 1786 pattern fuel my love for the 2174 pattern.

The Close

Much like the 1786 pattern, the natural close of the 1150/2174 pattern is thumb to middle finger. The heel is not squared-off with two hinges like the 200 pattern, but bends along the pinky to make that thumb-middle finger close.

Considering the popular (among middle infielders) thumb-middle finger close and shallow pocket for quick transfers, the 1150/2174 is money for the middle infield.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB

The Durability, New and Used

Despite the simple black colorway, the black leather has a serious function: to serve as the best leather Rawlings makes.

New: How It Feels

The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB new is stiff, but has some flex. The leather is beautiful: smooth, tight-grained, and just feels so nice. From the start, I could tell this Kip leather was something special. The fit was perfect as well: not too tight, not too loose, but perfect. The super soft Pittards liner made the liner comfortable as well.

With Some Use

With some use, the Pro Preferred Kip leather still is smooth and tight-grained, and looks gorgeous. The thick and durable padding hold the shape perfectly, and the lace does not stretch easily, despite the single lacing in the web.

Considering the high quality and durable materials and flawless construction of the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB, this glove will be a great glove for a middle infield.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB

I love the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB. My favorite part is the pattern, followed closely by the soft liner and smooth leather.

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  1. Jeff December 17, 2016

    You do realize the 1150 is a 217 pattern… It even says it on the thumb. Its nothing unique.

  2. Dario February 22, 2017

    Does the stamp say PROS1150KB or PROS1150KBRPO?

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