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Rawlings Pro Preferred Mocha/Gold Gloves

Rawlings needed to release a mocha line for a long time. Why? They haven’t used mocha on a stock glove in what seems like forever, but that all changed when they released the Rawlings Pro Preferred Mocha/Gold Gloves not too long ago. Check ’em out:

Rawlings Pro Preferred Mocha/Gold Gloves

They all have the same colorway, mocha with gold welting/binding, gold stitching, and the new gold/red patches. These gloves are unbelievably nice in looks and quality. Since I got the colorways out of the way, let’s talk about the patterns:


Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS204-2MO

The PROS204 is the middle infield model at 11.5″. The 204 pattern of this glove plays true to its 11.5″ size, and makes a shallow enough pocket for quick transfers. You can get this model here.


Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS204-4MO: Wingtip, Mocha, Gold

The PROS204-4MO model from the Rawlings Pro Preferred Mocha/Gold Gloves is the pitching model because of the grip-concealing modified trapeze web. The 11.5″ size allows it to be used in the middle infield as well, as the mod trap web is still a shallow enough web for quick transfers. The Wingtip back on this 11.5″ model gives the glove some flare and allows you to form the fingers how you want to. Buy it here.


Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS206-6MO

The PROS206-6MO is the third base model at 12″. The H-Web makes a deep enough pocket to snag hard hit balls down the line, and the 12″ length gives you good range. You can get the PROS206-6MO here.


Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS6010MO

The PROS6010MO is the outfield model of the Rawlings Pro Preferred Mocha/Gold Gloves. At 13″, it is very long, but the range the glove gives you is crazy. The Trapeze web just “traps” the ball. Buy the PROS6010MO here.


Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSCM32PTMO

The PROSCM32PTMO is one of two catchers’ models. This model is for catchers that like smaller gloves (because this is only 32″) or players with smaller hands (because of the Pro Taper fit). Get it here.


Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSCM33MO

The second of two catching models is this PROSCM33MO that measures at 33″. There’s not much else to say about this glove besides that you can buy it here.

These are all really sweet. My favorite has to be the PROS204-2MO because of the 11.5″ pattern with my favorite web and the hand sewn welting. Which one is your favorite?

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Check out all of the Rawlings Pro Preferred Mocha/Gold Gloves here.

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  1. alberto ellis December 14, 2016

    wish i had the money for one… those are sweet, especially the wingtip one

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