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Rawlings Pro Preferred Mocha/Bruciatto Gloves On Sale

A special slew of gloves has been discounted just today (4/15): the Rawlings Pro Preferred Mocha/Bruciatto Gloves from Baseball Monkey. These are some of the nicest looking gloves we’ve seen Rawlings make.

Rawlings Pro Preferred Mocha/Bruciatto Gloves

There are a grand total of five models with a sizeable discount (try $80-$110), and we broke them down into the three patterns (each pattern comes in one mocha/camel colorway and one bruciatto colorway) to discuss each model and their price(s).

217 Pattern

There are two discounted 217 models in the Rawlings Pro Preferred Mocha/Bruciatto Gloves, the PROS217MOC and the PROS217BRU. Let’s discuss the pattern first:

Pattern Overview: The 217 pattern is an 11.25″ pattern with a rounded heel design, wide and shallow pocket, and natural thumb-to-ring finger close. However, we’ve found that many 217 models actually play bigger than the marked 11.25″ size.

Comparisons: The curved finger and shallow pocket design of the 217 pattern bear resemblances to Wilson’s 1786 pattern. The slightly larger 2174 pattern is actually called the “Rawlings 1786.”

Recommendation: Either of the two following 217 pattern models are awesome choices for a middle infielder who want a shallow pocket, shorter length, and gorgeous colorway.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS217MOC

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS217MOC

Price: $360 $264

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Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS217BRU

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS217BRU

Price: $360 $240

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1171 Pattern

There are two 1171 Pattern models in two different web styles – the H-web and the Single Post Web – the PROS1171MOC and the PROS1171BRU.

Pattern Overview: The 1171 pattern is a 11.75″ branch of the famous 200 pattern. This pattern has a squared-off heel, medium pocket depth and width, and thumb-to-pinky squeeze.

Recommendation: Both of these models are great for third base or even shortstop. The length and pocket depth of both models allow you to field at the hot corner, but are not too much for shortstop, either.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO1171MOC

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1171MOC

Note: This mode will play shallower over the long run than the following 1171 model. That said, the pocket will still form with medium-to-deep depth.

Price: $360 $240

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Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1171BRU

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1171BRU

Price: $360 $264

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PROS12 Pattern

There are technically two PROS12 models, but we will only go over the one that is on sale: the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12MOC.

Pattern Overview: The PROS12 pattern is a 12″ branch of the 200 pattern, meaning a deep pocket, squared-off heel, and thumb-to-pinky close.

Recommendation: When paired with a Modified Trapeze Loop web (like in this case), the PROS12 is a pitcher’s glove only. The size and web style make it a great pattern for any hurler.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12MOC

rawlings pro preferred pros12moc

Note: Available in both Right Hand Throw and Left.

Price: $360 $240

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  1. Richard H. February 11, 2017

    Nice article! It’s nice to see a bruciatto glove not paired with camel. It’s a great combo but bruciatto can hold it’s own with other colors.

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