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Rawlings Pro Preferred First Base Mitts: PROSFM20C and PROSCMHCBBR

The Rawlings Pro Preferred First Base Mitts are some of the highest quality first base mitts on the market. Made with lightweight and stiff Kip leather and strong yet flexible lace, these 1B gloves are almost unmatched by other 1B gloves in durability. They look pretty good, too:

Rawlings Pro Preferred First Base Mitts

Although there are only two different Rawlings Pro Preferred First Base Mitts, they vary enough so that any first basemen can easily choose between them, depending on their preferences in a glove. Here is an individual breakdown of each model, including size, feel, and pocket type:

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSCMHCBBR

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSCMHCBBR

The Anthony Rizzo model is a 12.75″ mitt with the horizontal bar web. From using this model for some time, we found the form to be flat and not all that wide, the pocket deep, yet firm, and a one hinge break-in.¬†We recommend the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSCMHCBBR for a first basemen that likes longer and flatter pockets for extra reach on all types of throws across the diamond.

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Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSFM20C

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSFM20C

The Adrian Gonzalez model is a 12.25″ model with an H-web. Unlike the PROSCMHCBBR, the form of this model is wide and rounded, the pocket is wide and firm, and the pattern has a two hinge break-in. From use of this FM20 and other FM20 models, we found the finger stalls to be odd – built for two-in-the pinky use only. We suggest buying this Pro Preferred first base model if you like a more compact glove.

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If you are willing to spend $360 on the highest quality first base mitts on the market, one of the Rawlings Pro Preferred First Base Mitts are going to be the best choice you can make. Which model you choose is up to you, but choosing between the two gloves is fairly easy because they differ so much.

Other Recommendations

These mitts will work for almost any other first basemen, but there are some alternative options if these do not float your boat. The Heart of the Hide First Base Gloves (article coming soon) are a slightly more affordable option than the Pro Preferred models, and offer more pattern and color options. If you are looking for a comparably priced model, the 12″ Wilson A2K 2800 is a smaller model with a slightly different feel.

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