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Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO204-2SRW

Although it has been month since the World Baseball Classic, Rawlings released the same mitt Brandon Crawford used during the WBC, a Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO204-2SRW, at this link

Here are some things to know about the mitt:

  • It is obviously an American-themed glove, with a patriotic red, white, and blue base and a U.S. flag etched into the web. In addition, it has flashy gold binding and palm stamping. 
  • As an 11.5″ 204 Pattern model, it is a superb glove for the middle infield with a shallow pocket, bowled shape, and squared-off heel design.
  • As a Heart of the Hide model, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO204-2SRW is built with high quality materials that make it a durable, long-lasting mitt

If you want to display your American pride on the diamond, it is hard to find a better glove that combines this patriotic look with top-tier functionality. Get the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO204-2SRW here.

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