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Rawlings Gold Glove Club July: Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROTT2-1BDSR

The most over-hyped glove of the past few years has to be the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROTT2-1BDSR, the Rawlings Gold Glove Club July that was the first TT2 in over a few years. The quality was sketchy, and the black and charcoal colorway with the American flag patches is just plain ugly. Maybe you agree with me:

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROTT2-1BDSR

The colorway wasn’t the big seller, but the pattern was. When the words ‘TT2’ were first uttered a few months before the release date of the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROTT2-1BDSR, everyone expected the tank-like Horween TT2. What many got was this model that really wasn’t a TT2. Yes, this model had all of the features (double-laced heel, double pinky hinge, etc), but sources told me it really didn’t feel like one. And, from the various videos I have seen of this glove, it doesn’t look like a TT2, either. The pattern doesn’t look as wide, the fingers don’t look as flat, etc. So, while many went out and bought this glove, not too many people that I spoke to were pleased with it.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROTT2-1BDSR

Was the hype warranted?

Nope, not at all. Everyone I spoke to had their fair share of disappointment, mostly because of the feel and looks. Maybe if Rawlings had come out and released a real TT2, a real Troy Tulowitzki game model, glove buyers would have been happy.

UPDATE: Rawlings did release a real TT2 in Tan Horween and with some gold labels, also. Check that out here.

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