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Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROCM43JT-WIE with Code 55 Horween

I think most catchers will agree that they want a glove that is stiff and durable to withstand thousands of pitches.

In today’s article, I am going to explain what makes the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROCM43JT-WIE one of the best mitts on the market.

First, a look at the glove:

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROCM43JT-WIE

What Makes It So Good

Let me say two words:

C55 Horween.

The same renowned leather used on many models in the 20th century, and most recently the older TT2, is used on the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROCM43JT-WIE.

Rawlings’ Tan C55 Horween is leather is world renowned for its durability and stiffness. The special tanning process makes the leather super strong and gives it a great look.

This Horween leather is stiffer than most leathers, but it pays off in durability.

That’s what a catcher wants, right? A stiff glove that has unmatched durability and will stand up to a ton of pitches.

Put some use on this bad boy, and you get a leather color that is breathtaking.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROCM43JT-WIE

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROCM43JT-WIE is a 34″ mitt, a larger size that a lot of catchers like. This catcher’s pattern is a bit wider than most mitts.

This model is the former game model of Matt Wieters, a current free agent and former Baltimore Orioles catcher. This matches his team colors well, but the leather color does more than just look good, it plays good.

This glove was from a long time ago, like 2012. Thus, it is not available anymore, although I wish it was. That C55 Horween is tough to pass up.

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