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Rawlings Heart of the Hide Primo Series

When Rawlings dropped the Primo series a long time ago, it received both praise and criticism. They were perhaps the best glove Rawlings had ever made, with thick, almost bulletproof leather. But, the Primos were very heavy, the heaviest gloves on the market.

Sadly, Rawlings stopped making Primos. The market was closing for Primos, and Rawlings realized they were not going to make a lot of money from the Primo line.

However, Rawlings gave a glimmer of hope to those who loved the Primo Series- the Heart of the Hide Primo Series. Here is a video introducing the Heart of the Hide Primo Series:

The Heart of the Hide Primo Series features the traditional Primo Sherry-colored Heart of the Hide leather with the same tanning process that made the old Primo Series leather so good. Each model comes with the luxurious hand sewn welting.

My opinion on these gloves is that the idea is sweet: a lighter Primo. I think they hit the nail on the hammer with the construction of these. Although the leather looks a bit wrinkly (from the tanning process), the leather is still amazingly durable. The primo sherry color looks amazing, and I love the use of hand sewn welting on these models.


Rawlings Heart of the Hide Primo 11.5"

The 11.5″ HOHP model is exactly what you see. It is a PRO200 pattern model, meaning you get that squared-off heel design and a medium depth pocket. You can get this Rawlings Heart of the Hide Primo 11.5″ here.


Rawlings Heart of the Hide Primo 11.75"

The pitching model of the HOHP series is this 11.75″ modified trapeze web model. Again, this is another PRO200 model, and should have a medium-deep pocket depth.

Unfortunately, this particular model is out of stock.


Rawlings Heart of the Hide Primo 12.75

The 12.75″ outfield model is a PRO302 model, meaning it has a deep pocket with an easy two-in-the-pinky break-in. This model has an H-web, one of the most popular webs for the outfield. You can get this model here.


Rawlings Heart of the Hide Primo 33"

The catcher’s model is this 33″ glove. People must have really wanted a super durable mitt with brick-like features, because this catcher’s mitt is sold out.

Final Thoughts

I am sure that there will be another Heart of the Hide Primo release in the future. I think this initial release was to test the waters and to see if there is still a market for these gloves. I think there is, and I think Rawlings does too.

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