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Rawlings Gold Glove Club January: HOH PRO205-4SHB

When January rolls around, a few things happen: a New Year begins and a new Wilson Glove of the Month/Rawlings Gold Glove Club is released. It is fitting to talk about the GGC Jan. the day before the 1st of January.

The model number on the Rawlings Gold Glove Club January is PRO205-4SHB. Let me explain to you what this means:

-The “PRO” prefix means a Heart of the Hide, Rawlings’ steerhide line of gloves that I love the feel and durability of. Rawlings’ HOH leather is stiff, thick, and durable.

-The “205” specifies the pattern. The “205” pattern is the 11.75″ variant of the famous 200 pattern, meaning you will have the bowl-shaped fingers, squared-off heel, and true 11.75″ size.

-The “-4” means a modified trapeze web. The presence of the “mod trap” and the 11.75″ size signify that this is a pitcher’s glove, and a pitcher’s glove only. The pocket will be not be deep nor shallow, somewhere in-between.

-And, finally, the “SHB” suffix of the model number is the colorway. Before diving into the colorway, let me show you what this glove looks like:

Rawlings Gold Glove Club January: HOH PRO205-4SHB

Source: @hrsgta

The colorway on this glove is black, primo sherry and gray. The primo sherry (SH) and black (B) are denoted in the model number, but the gray lace does not play a big enough part in the colorway (although it does “pop”) to have a letter in the model number.

The Rawlings Gold Glove Club January has a primo sherry palm and welting, a black shell back, web, and binding, and gray lace. There is also white stitching and embroidery.

What are your thoughts on the colorway and on the overall glove? Would change anything, and if so, what would you change? I would love to hear your responses in the comments.

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