Rawlings took another player’s design for the Rawlings Gold Glove Club December, while it’s not a bad thing, but this glove is kind of odd.

Rawlings Gold Glove Club December
Source: @glovetraders

If you read the info on the above picture, you will see that this glove is the David Price model and measures at 12.5″. So, this is 12.5″ glove that can really only be used on the mound (the dual hinge web limits its usability). That’s quite a big glove, but I guess a taller person could use it. Price does in fact use this size, which may seem unbelievable. Check it out:

Rawlings Gold Glove Club December
Source: Boston Globe

The Rawlings Gold Glove Club December features Rawlings’ dark shadow leather, which from experience feels a lot softer than typical HOH leather and almost suede-like. However, it’s just as durable as any other leather and has a nice charcoal-type look to it. The bit of red Price put on this glove is just enough to give it some flash.

Rawlings Gold Glove Club December: Heart of the Hide PRO208-12DS
Source: @hrsgta

When you take a step back and think about the Rawlings Gold Glove Club December, you realize it is a little different, but neat at the same time. The huge 12.5″ size with the dual hinge web make pretty unusable at many spots, and the dark shadow leather is somewhat underused. But both of these peculiarities make it kind of cool. It’s not available yet, but stay tuned for a “buy now” link.


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