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Rawlings Camo Mesh- REAL Pictures

I’ve been trying to hunt down pictures of Rawlings Camo Mesh, but Rawlings said they didn’t have any and no Camo mesh gloves had been made yet, at least for the pubic. After an endless search, I came across this:
Rawlings Camo Mesh
If you peek to the lower right corner, you’ll see Adam Jones using a camo mesh glove. Don’t worry, here’s a zoomed in picture:
Rawlings Camo Mesh
It looks pretty sick, especially with the orange. But is it worth buying? That is yet to be tested. It will play like traditional mesh, and the color should stay how it is. I am not quite sure if you can even pitch with it.
Here is another picture:

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Customize your Rawlings with camo mesh here. If you order one, let us know on Instagram or E-mail.

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