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Francisco Lindor’s Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSFL12 with Platinum Labels

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Francisco Lindor is the best two-way shortstop in the MLB right now, and he’s been defending at a high level with his Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSFL12.

It’s an 11.75″ glove in black and red with Platinum labels, earned from Lindor’s Platinum Glove award from 2016. Rawlings created a stock model of his glove, of course without the Platinum labels.

Lindor’s game model is $359.99 and one of the best gloves for shortstops on the market. You can buy the stock Rawlings Pr Preferred PROSFL12 here.

Francisco Lindor’s WBC Glove: Custom Red, Blue, Gold, and White Rawlings PROS205

Despite the fact that Spring Training will be going on at the same time the World Baseball Classic will happen, players are ordering gloves solely for the World tournament. Manny Machado now has one with his country’s flag, and now another Platinum glove winner has a glove for the World Baseball Classic: Francisco Lindor. Here is a look at Francisco Lindor’s WBC glove:

Francisco Lindor's WBC Glove

Since he won the Platinum glove award, Francisco Lindor has done nothing short of flaunting his achievement. He had platinum labels put onto his 2016 game glove (as well as his practice glove), and he gets them again on both his WBC glove and his pancake training glove. I wonder if he will be one of the first players to actually use Platinum labels in an MLB game, but if there is one player who would do it, it’s Lindor.

Secondly, it looks like Lindor is taking his customization skills to the next level. After using a simple black glove with red lacing in the 2016 season, Lindor has two designs that match his home country: red, white, and blue. On both gloves, you can see some gold infusion on the binding and welting, as well as a flag on each web. Both models are filthy. Here is the best mock up of Francisco Lindor’s WBC Glove that we can make on the custom builder:

Francisco Lindor's WBC Glove

It looks like it will be awesome to see what fire players will be wearing during the World Baseball Classic, but so far, Lindor looks like he might have the best design of any player in the tournament. There’s something about that red, blue, white, and gold that makes Francisco Lindor’s WBC glove a looker.

The picture above also shows a pancake glove. Lindor says he likes to use it to improve his footwork, and he created a heck of a nice pancake glove. Forget the plain brown and black ones, Lindor went all out, even putting platinum labels on it:

Don’t we all wish we had the spread that Francisco Lindor has?