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Orange Tan Wilson A2000 EL3

Evan Longoria's Glove: Orange Tan Wilson A2000 EL3

The Orange Tan Wilson A2000 EL3 is a limited edition, sparsely available third base glove. It is currently available on Wilson’s website, but still maintains its limited quantity nature.

The EL3 is an 11.75″ glove with a cross web and an extremely deep pocket. It’s not a straightforward pattern, but it’s super solid for the hot corner.

The real attraction comes from the orange tan colorway, which is semi-rare in the stock glove scene. You can get the Limited Edition Orange Tan Wilson A2000 EL3 for $260 here.

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  1. TJ November 24, 2016

    Ah~ I should have bought this glove. It seems like almost impossible to purchase one now.

  2. Bruce Hall September 21, 2017

    Glad the OT EL3 is back. It’s such a nice glove.

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