The Orange Tan Wilson A2000 EL3, also the Evan Longoria Model, combines a slew of features (listed below) that make it a top option for the hot corner:

Despite its limited edition status, the Orange Tan Wilson A2000 EL3 is an overall awesome choice for third basemen looking for a glove that is highly durable, looks good, and scoops up anything that hits the pocket.

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More on the EL3 Pattern: Although the EL3 plays relatively close to its marked 11.75” length, the EL3 feels huge due to its wide and deep pocket design that is deeper than comparably sized gloves (even 12” ones, too).

More on the Material Quality: As all A2000 models do, the Orange Tan Wilson A2000 EL3 features high quality materials that make it a super durable glove, including Pro Stock Leather (a rugged Steerhide leather), sturdy inserts/padding, and long-lasting lacing.

Why the EL3 is perfect for third base: Third basemen need a glove with plus length and a deep pocket to scoop the regular shots they face at the hot corner. The EL3 excels in both areas, as its 11.75” length is sufficient for the position and its extremely deep pocket scoops anything that hits it.


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