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Nolan Arenado’s Glove: Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO12-6TI

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Nolan Arenado is simply one of the best two-way players in the MLB today. And while his bat has been doing most of the talking in recent years, you can’t ignore the fact that he’s won six straight Gold Glove awards at the hot corner. Yes, six.

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He racked all of these up with pretty much the same glove model, a Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO12-6TI, with the only change being the addition of Gold Labels after his first few seasons.

His PRO12-6TI is a 12″ mitt with an H-web in the beautiful Timberglaze color, and and it’s pretty much the perfect mitt for the hot corner, and not only because Arenado uses it.

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But despite this fact, Nolan Arenado’s glove model is not available. It actually was once available as a Rawlings Glove Club model a few years back, but never found its way into the yearly glove line.

However, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO206-6JTB is a top-notch substitute for Arenado’s mitt. It has the same 12″, H-web pattern as his glove with the only difference being in colorway.

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