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8 Unique Features of the Nike Diamond Elite Pro II BF1617

After seeing the limited edition re-release of the Nike Diamond Elite Pro II BF1617, I wanted to look into what made the Nike Diamond Elite PRO series so good, and what made the Nike Diamond Elite Pro II BF1617 so special.

First, a look:

Nike Diamond Elite Pro II BF1617

Here are 8 unique things about the Nike Diamond Elite Pro II BF1617 that make it one-of-a-kind:

1. The High Quality Kip Leather

Nike used the best leather on the market on the DEP line – Kip leather. Nike’s Kip leather was smooth, stiff, and durable, just like any good Kip leather glove. However, the Kip leather on the DEP’s is thicker and a bit heavier than other Kip leathers.

Regardless, the Nike Diamond Elite Pro Kip leather is considered some of the best leather that was on the market.

2. Pattern Style

Nike’s 11.5″ pattern, modeled the BF1617, is different from other patterns. Unlike other patterns who has a simple heel design or palm overlap, the BF1617 pattern has an odd heel design that felt awesome, and the palm overlap is unique. This pattern also plays really shallow as well, exactly what you want in a middle infield glove.

3. Welting Style – Reverse Welting

The DEP was interesting when it came out. The reverse welting style was a novelty, and had a very good purpose – to create a better fit. And, the mission was accomplished perfectly by the second round of the DEP’s. Other companies have mimicked this welting style (like 44’s DEP remake), and I cannot blame them, as this welting design is genius.

4. Gill Lacing

Nike came up with another distinguishing feature: gill lacing. Look at the pinky and thumb:

The parallel lacing is different from the inline lacing style of typical gloves. This lacing design is stylish, and I am a huge fan of it.

5. Thumb/Wrist Stamping

Here is another interesting thing:

The thumb/wrist stamping displays MLB history, like Joe Dimaggio’s hitting streak and other notable moments. This idea is simply genius, and something that no other company has taken on.

6. “Multi Density” Padding

The “Multi Density” padding on the DEP2 models makes the glove a little easier to break-in, just what you want from a glove that comes super stiff out of the box. Even though the padding is fairly easy to break-in, it provides great protection and holds its shape.

7. Palm Stamping

The palm stamping is actually half stamping/half stitching. I love the home plate design with the Nike logo in the middle. A great part about the stitching is that it never came unwound easily.

8. Blonde/Black Colorway

The all blonde leather with the black lacing is clean, just like the glove would look like with some use. This colorway was so nice.

Final Comments

Nike’s glove team made one of the most unique glove lines since the creation of the one hand catch glove. The distinct features make one heck of a glove that became popular. However, Nike discontinued the DEP line and went in favor of lighter, synthetic gloves.

There are some Diamond Elite Pro baseball gloves left, though. Some models pop up on eBay every once in a while, and some pros like Marcus Stroman , Aaron Sanchez, and Mike Trout still prefer the DEP over the newer Nikes.

With Nike moving out of the public glove game, there is almost zero chance of snatching up a new Nike Diamond Elite Pro from Nike. It is a shame, as these gloves were really, really good.

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