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MLB Shortstops’ Gloves: All 30 Shortstops

Francisco Lindor's Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO205-2KB

  • The Cleveland Indians' Shortstop's Glove is a Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO205-2KB, measuring at 11.75 inches with an I-web.
  • The colorway of Lindor's glove features a black base coupled with red lacing. The extremely shiny Platinum labels top off this already beautiful mitt. 
  • Read our full guide on Francisco Lindor's glove here. 
  • No stock remake of Francisco Lindor's mitt is available, so you would have to settle for a stock, which does not come with the platinum labels:

Carlos Correa's Glove: Wilson A2000 1785

  • The Houston Astros' Shortstop's Glove is a Wilson A2000 1785, an 11.75" glove with a laced single post web. 
  • The colorway of Correa's glove is an odd mixture of navy blue, blonde, red, and white. 
  • A stock remake of Carlos Correa's Glove is available for $259.95 at the link below:

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