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Mike Trout’s Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSMT27 (2019)

Mike Trout is one of the best players baseball has ever seen, and while his bat is a large reason for this distinction, he’s also more than handled his own in center field. And he’s done all of this in the past few reasons with his Rawlings Pro Preferred MT27 mitt:

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The MT27 is the Mike Trout game model glove Rawlings released last year. It’s a 12.75″ outfield mitt with a trapeze web, black colorway with red accents, and Fastback design. It’s quite a unique mitt, as few outfielders use the trapeze in the MLB anymore.

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And if you want to dominate the outfield like Mike Trout does, you can get his exact glove for yourself at Just Ball Gloves. Just be aware that it won’t feel like your typical H-web outfield mitt, instead playing a bit narrower and shallower out of the box.

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