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Mike Trout’s Glove: Nike Diamond Elite Pro

The best player in the MLB, Mike Trout, is also one of the few players to use a Nike glove while roaming the outgrass. His glove is one of the nicest and most unique gloves, as it is adorned with a few distinct features that Nike only offers. Take a look at Mike Trout’s Glove:

First of all, Mike Trout’s Glove is a simple blend of black leather with red logos and stitching. While it does not compete with Trout’s red laced model in flashiness, the clean look of this model is still very nice. Here is a detailed look at his Glove:

Speaking of the unique features, the above picture provide some visual insight for them. Can you pick them out? If not, here’s a quick breakdown:

First, if you look closely at the wrist strap, you will see “30/30” embedded in the plastic to signify Trout’s many 30/30 seasons. Second, you can see the sweet signature embroidery that only Marucci and Nike have been able to pull off thus far. Lastly, take a look at the pinky and thumb lacing in addition to the welting. Nike’s gill lacing in the pinky and thumb in addition to their reverse welting is a Nike special.

The result of all of these features: a glove that is super unique.

Mike Trout's Glove

Ever since Trout first made his way into the big leagues with Rawlings, he has been using a one-piece trapeze web with the fastback design. It is unknown what Trout’s appeal to this web/back design is, but he has stuck with it throughout his whole career, and, frankly, it doesn’t look like he’ll ever switch.

Mike Trout’s Glove is a dream. A dream that was once a reality when 27 exact replicas of his glove were released a few years ago, but now is back to a dream of having such a unique and nice glove. His glove is sadly unavailable.

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