While paying special attention to players’ gloves during one of the many awesome WBC games, I noticed one glove in particular that caught my eye. It was Miguel Cabrera’s WBC Glove, a glove that is a bit different in its looks from what is typically seen from Cabrera:

As we’ve already seen from guys like Brandon Crawford and Robinson Cano, Miguel Cabrera created a design unlike any of past gloves. As you can somewhat see in the above photo (scroll for more), Miguel Cabrera’s WBC Glove is a mixture of two colors that aren’t seen everyday, whether put together or not: maroon/brick red and yellow gold. While how good the color combination looks is debatable, the design is certainly eye-catching:

Miguel Cabrera's WBC Glove: Venezuelan-Themed Wilson A2000 MC24

The reason for the creation of this colorway is unknown. We bring this up because the main color of the glove, maroon, does not match the color of the Venezuelan flag seen on the thumb. Sure, the yellow gold looks like the yellow on the flag, but after seeing some of the other WBC gloves, expectations pointed to a glove that matches the country’s colors. But, I noticed that Jose Altuve has a glove in the same colorway, too, making me wonder if this was a prior agreed-upon colorway among teammates (and best buds) to color-coordinate one of the best right sides of the infield I have ever seen.

Miguel Cabrera's WBC Glove: Venezuelan-Themed Wilson A2000 MC24

On a last note, there are obvious visual discrepancies between Miggy’s MLB and WBC gloves, but they are constructed of the same pattern, the MC24. As if a inside-thumb stamping that denotes this 12″ pattern with a laced single post wasn’t enough for Cabrera, he even got ‘MC24’ stitched on the outer thumb as well. In addition to the ‘MC24’ stamping, you can see a Venezuelan flag on the thumb to show his country’s pride not only on his uniform, but his glove as well.

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