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Miguel Cabrera’s Glove: Wilson A2000 MC24

The hands-down best hitter in the MLB, Miguel Cabrera, has taken his glove game up a few notches in the last few years. After sticking to simple orange tan designs for most of the start of his career, Miguel Cabrera’s Glove now features a vibrant black, navy, and orange design that perfectly matches the Tigers’ colors:

Miguel Cabrera's Glove: Wilson A2000 MC24

1st basemen are not particularly known for stylish gloves; Miguel Cabrera is an exception. With his orange, navy blue, and black colorway, Miguel Cabrera’s Glove stands out in a crowd of rather dull first base gloves. Not to mention, but Cabrera’s design could compete with any other pro’s gloves, regardless of position. He absolutely nailed this Tigers-themed colorway.

After using the 2800 pattern for much of his time as a one bagger, Cabrera decided that he wanted his own pattern, something distinct. The result: Wilson and Cabrera came up with a new 1B pattern that matches the 12″ size of the 2800 pattern, but is engineered to have a wider pocket and also comes with a unique laced bar web. Finally, Wilson topped their new concoction off by naming it the MC24 pattern in honor of Cabrera.

Miguel Cabrera's Glove: Wilson A2000 MC24

Quickly after pictures surfaced of Miguel Cabrera’s Glove, it became a sensation. Players all over the country (not only first basemen) raved about the uniqueness of the web and the gorgeous looks, and Wilson promptly released it as the stock Wilson A2000 MC24. The MC24, which could easily be mistaken for a custom glove, has become the new mitt for first basemen, who like Cabrera, have a little bit of sneaky flare.

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