Don’t we all like gold and platinum, especially on glove labels? When you see gold labels, they mean something. They mean a player has joined a group of the best fielders – Gold Glove winners.

I have never seen a player wearing platinum labels – an maybe for a reason. Two players a year win the most prestigious fielding award – the Platinum Glove – and many are repeat winners. Maybe the winners do not wear them to show off, maybe the platinum labels fade quickly, or maybe the winners just do not want to wear them. I do not know.

Manny Machado is a bit different. He is a platinum glove winner, but has never worn the platinum labels – instead opting for gold labels.

However, he decided to try something new – wear the platinum labels in a game, in fact, the game surrounded by the best MLB players – the All Star Game. If wearing funky socks did not get enough players’ attention, Machado got a special glove just for the All Star Game:

It is very, very flashy. Like the flashiest glove I have ever seen. Why should Machado stuck with orange, black, or chocolate gloves when he could go with platinum and gold? Here is a picture of Manny Machado’s All Star Game Glove:

Manny Machado's All Star Game Glove

Three Really Cool Things about Manny Machado’s All Star Game Glove

Here are three really cools things about this glove, ranked in order of what I think are the coolest things:

1. Platinum

On Manny Machado’s All Star Game Glove, you see three parts of the glove that are platinum: the welting, the binding, and labels.

The platinum welting and binding is super cool – and rare. I have never seen this done before, but if there was one player who could maybe start this trend among Platinum glove winners, it would be Machado.

I have seen platinum labels, but never in a game. The platinum labels are so slick, and I am so glad a Platinum glove winner finally decided to wear the platinum labels in a game.

2. Gold Leather

I have seen gold leather only one other place (Adam Jones’ Gold Glove), but I am liking this new trend.

The gold leather looks shiny, and I love it. Even though I am not one to like really flashy gloves, I am somehow attracted to the gold leather. It just looks so good.

3. Custom Palm Stamp

Although Rawlings is becoming more and more open to custom palm stamps (again, Adam Jones’ Gold Glove and Bryce Harpers’ gloves), it is still really cool to see the palm stamps that players come up with. Machado’s palm stamping just looks like a regular throw from third, but it is still neat.

Conclusion on Manny Machado’s All Star Game Glove

This glove is just so sick. This glove just caught my eye when I first saw it, and I have come back to this post many times just to look at the glove. Too bad Rawlings does not offer anything like this :(. Maybe someday.

Let me hear your thoughts on Manny Machado’s All Star Game Glove. I would love to hear what you have to say on the platinum, gold, and custom palm stamp.