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All 4 of Manny Machados’ Gloves from the 2016 Season

Manny Machado went through four gloves this season.

Crazy, is it not?

And while it might seem crazy, you will realize he used four gloves during the 2016 season, but only one the majority of the year.

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It is interesting that Machado uses the NP5 pattern, but his glove is 12″. It is somewhat intriguing that the NP5 pattern is really popular at 3rd lately, with more and more third basemen choosing the NP5 pattern over Rawlings’ other patterns.

Like most other platinum glove winners, Machado does not flaunt his achievement by getting platinum labels on his game glove, instead settling for the still-exclusive gold labels. However, he did put some of the hyper exclusive platinum labels on his All Star game gloves that you will see later in this article.

I also found it compelling that Machado only uses Rawlings’ Heart of the Hide line. I am not quite sure why he goes with an HOH, but it probably is because Machado likes Steerhide better than Kip.

Let me show you every single glove Machado has used this year, from the beginning of the year to the end.

Manny Machados’ Gloves

Early Spring training

Machado was photographed in Spring Training with a brand new remake of his 2015 gamer. He never used it, though, but he was seen using this glove at the beginning of spring training.

It is an all-orange leather model with some black. Here is a better look at the glove:

Manny Machado Rawlings Heart of the Hide Orange and Black PRONP5

Spring Training Game Glove

Machado never used the orange model in a spring training game, but instead opted for an all-black HOH, as seen in this picture from Spring training 2016:

It is a very plain model, and was only seen during spring training.

Regular Season Game Glove

Machado transitioned to what would be his gamer for the entire 2016 regular season, a black, brown, and grey HOH:

Manny Machado glove: Black/Chocolate/Gray

His regular season game Glove is something different that we have not really seen from Machado thus far, as it really isn’t a flashy glove, but also not a simple glove. It is a custom with a lot of thought put into it with classic colors. It does not look bad at all to me.

All Star Game Glove

Manny Machado came up with something that will almost blind you from the flash. Here it is:

Manny Machado's All Star Game Glove

Manny combined black, gold, and platinum into one glove. This glove takes the award home for flashiest glove of all time, as red, blue, and any other colored gloves bow down to this one. And Machado actually used platinum labels on this glove as well. The cool thing about it is that Machado actually used it in the game:

Manny Machados' Gloves

Source: Zimbio

Too bad Rawlings does not offer anything like this and probably never will.

Final Thoughts on Manny Machados’ Gloves

Manny Machado knows how to design a glove the right way. All of his models are really sick, especially the All Star Game model. Which one is your favorite?

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