When checking in on my hometown Phillies, we found some gloves that we liked, but one player’s glove stood out among them all: Maikel Franco’s glove. Not only did it stand out in the looks department, but Maikel Franco’s glove also differs a ton from his 2016 glove, the stock Wilson A2K 1787. As you will see in a second, Franco went all-out on his 2017 design.

Game Glove

What It Is

Maikel Franco’s game glove is a Wilson A2K DW5, a 12” third basemen’s model with an H-web. It looks like Franco decided to go a little bigger with his glove this year, as he used the 11.75” 1787 model last year and has since transitioned to the 12” DW5.


Maikel Franco's Game Glove

This is where Maikel Franco’s glove stands out. It has a black and red colorway, but the way he put it together is why it especially stands out. With a black back and palm and a red power finger, thumb, and web, we find this colorway particularly slick and something that especially matches the Phillies’ colors.

Warmup Glove

What It Is

When researching Franco’s game glove, we stumbled upon a picture of something that was surely not his game glove. Because he was in his full warmup attire in the picture we saw (and you can see above), we determined that this glove must be his warmup glove. It has the same pattern, the 12” DW5, as his game glove, but has one main difference: the colorway.


Maikel Franco's Warmup Glove

Although Maikel Franco’s warmup glove shares many of the basic colorway features (web, palm, back) with his game glove, you get a sense that it looks a lot different. When I was going through the custom builder, it became obvious that many parts of both gloves were the same besides one thing that makes a larger-than-expected difference: the welting and binding color.

Whereas the welting and binding on Franco’s game glove are a mixture of black and red, both the binding and welting of his warmup glove are white. If there is one thing about white on a glove, it is that it stands out over the other colors of the glove, as you can see here. That is exactly why we see a sizable difference between Maikel Franco’s gloves.

Which one Do You Like More?

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