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Limited Edition Wilson A2000 DP15(s): JustBallGloves Exclusives

As they had promised some time before on their social media accounts, JustBallGloves released two Limited Edition Wilson A2000 DP15 gloves available solely on their website. They’re fully custom gloves at a stock price, and they’re beautiful:

Limited Edition Wilson A2000 DP15

As mentioned earlier, both are in the DP15 pattern, the 11.5″ infield pattern from Wilson with an I-web. This set of gloves will either be good for an adult middle infielder who has a) smaller hands or b) likes a snug fit (it’s also great for a youth player, also) because of the Pedroia fit, a tighter hand and finger stall design.

Let’s examine each model individually:

Red and Blue Wilson A2000 DP15

Limited Edition Wilson A2000 DP15

The red and blue DP15 is super flashy and awesome at the same time. The blue thumb/wrist gives a type of A2K feel, but with the thinner and softer A2000 materials. For a red and blue team, this glove is perfect.

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Limited Edition Wilson A2000 DP15

The first adjective that came to my mind when seeing this glove was ‘icy.’ The all-white look looks very nice, especially with the gray lacing and gray logos. This glove is perfect for any player who wants a super clean new glove.

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Which One of the Limited Edition Wilson A2000 DP15 Gloves is Your Favorite?

(This could also be a vote for which one you picked up)

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