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Lance McCullers’ Glove: Wilson A2K JF16 (Jose Fernandez Remake)

Superstar pitcher Jose Fernandez was taken from the MLB world far too soon when his boat crashed and killed all three occupants of the boat, including Fernandez. The aftermath of the situation was sad to say the least, but heart-wrenching for some players who were close friends with Fernandez.

One of these such players was Lance McCullers, who chose to pay a tribute to his good friend with a glove in the same exact colorway and pattern that Jose used during his stint with Wilson:

Lance McCullers' Glove: Wilson A2K JF16 (Jose Fernandez Remake)

“Jose was a good friend of mine, and when he tragically passed away last year, I ordered a couple of gloves through Wilson,” McCullers said. “I have a couple of more coming that are some of his other models as well that I plan to use throughout the year, just to keep his memory alive.


Is there a better way to pay tribute to a late friend than to wear their game model? He even got Fernandez’ name on it:

Lance McCullers' Glove: Wilson A2K JF16 (Jose Fernandez Remake)

The source of the quote above lists the colors as an Astros’ orange, but in reality, it’s a Marlins orange that Fernandez used from 2013-2015. It’s a lot different from what McCullers has used in the past, but at the end of the day, this is a tribute glove.

It’s also the same JF16 (named after Jose) that Fernandez used during the aforementioned seasons, a 12″ pattern with a unique laced hourglass web that Fernandez made popular. McCullers is already a subscriber to this pattern, as he has used it before.

Lance McCuller’s Glove will be “periodically during the season,” according to McCullers. As the picture shows above, he has started to use this tribute glove in some Spring Training games. It’s an awesome glove, and it will be pretty cool to see a familiar glove back on the mound this season, even if that player is not Jose Fernandez.

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  1. Muhammad Raihan Sjahputra April 5, 2017

    I also noted that david phelps wore an orange glove similar to Jose’s nike.
    Could you please write an article about that?
    Thank you

    • Duan April 22, 2017

      He had it last season with Jose, No tribute there. He probably liked the Nike that Jose had and order a custom Nike. Which all pros can do. His is different as well, he has No finger hood and the webbing is different.

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