Every year, Josh Harrison puts out a great looking glove or two. So, when Wilson popped into the Pirates camp yesterday, I expected to see Josh Harrison’s Gloves for the 2017, and I expected to see some heat. I was pleasantly happy with what Harrison created for the upcoming season:

Josh Harrison's Gloves: Two Wilson A2K 1786's

Here you see two completely different colored gloves. Here are quick overviews of each of Josh Harrison’s Gloves:

Black, White, and Yellow Wilson A2K 1786

Josh Harrison's Gloves: Two Wilson A2K 1786's

The black, white, and red design looks a lot like Josh Harrison’s game glove from last year. Because of the similarity to his gamer from last year and because of how well it matches the Pirates colors, I expect Josh Harrison to use this glove in games during the 2017 season.

Coal and Black Wilson A2K 1786

Josh Harrison's Gloves: Two Wilson A2K 1786's

Josh Harrison is no stranger to creating gray and black gloves. When a Josh Harrison Glove of the Month was released a few years ago, it was his gray and black gamer from that year. This year, he created this colorway in an A2K, and with coal instead of gray. This model is straight filth.


Josh Harrison’s Gloves are both 1786’s, the 11.5″ pattern that Harrison has been using for quite some time now. It also seems like Harrison is all aboard the A2K train at this point, as both models are A2K’s. Besides there two similarities, there is nothing else in common among Josh Harrison’s Gloves.

Which of Josh Harrison’s Gloves is Your Favorite?

My vote goes to the coal and black glove. Which one is your favorite?

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