Josh Donaldson came up with an ingenious idea: putting two leathers on the same glove. Rawlings came through, and made the junction of the two leathers flawless:

In a spring training interview with What Pros Wear, Donaldson revealed the two leather system: Heart of the Hide leather on the palm, and Pro Preferred leather on the outer shell.

Donaldson said he likes the softness of HOH leather in the palm to help with the break-in, but like the PP leather on the outer shell for durability.

I love this idea, and hope that it is made available at some point. What are your thoughts on it?

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It is amazing how the leathers look together. There is usually a slight color difference between Heart of the Hide leather and Pro Preferred leather, but there is none here.

Donaldson went with gold tan on the palm, and rich tan on the back of the glove. The colors join together wonderfully, and better than I expected.

Josh Donaldson's Glove: Rich Tan Rawlings Pro Preferred/Heart of the Hide PRONP5

Josh Donaldson’s Glove is marked as a PRONP5, the 11.75″ pattern with flat fingers, a long pocket, and a thumb-middle finger close.

To mimic Troy Tulowitzki, Donaldson spread out the fingers of his glove to make an even flatter pocket. With a different glove in the middle of the year, this had disastrous consequences:

Donaldson learned from his mistake of spreading the fingers out too much, as you can see the fingers are spread, but not too much:

Compared to the other pro’s gloves that we have featured, Josh Donaldson’s has to be the most intriguing. The two leather idea is innovative, and something I hope that Rawlings releases soon.