Although Jose Berrios is relatively unknown among the majority of fans right now, there are two things to learn about him: he throws gas (with a dirty slider) and he designs some of the best-looking gloves in the MLB.

In this latest post, we will detail everything about Jose Berrios’ glove, including a look at the glove, a discussion of the colorway of the glove, and more.

What Jose Berrios’ Glove is

Berrios’ glove is the most popular Wilson pitcher’s glove: the Wilson A2K B2, a 12” model with the grip-concealing two-piece web. Although it is no surprise that Berrios ended up going with this pattern, it seems like he experimented with quite a few of Wilson’s options before settling with the B2.

Last year, he tried both a custom Wilson A2K D33 and stock Wilson A2K B212 before testing a custom A2000 B2 in spring training this year. He must have liked that 12” B2 in spring training so much that he ordered another custom one (the one we are discussing) for the regular season.

Jose Berrios' Glove


The part that attracted us the most to Jose Berrios’ glove was easily the absolutely fire colorway Berrios designed. My eyes were instantly attracted to the unique design that perfectly match the Twin’s team colors.

With a combination of dark brown, red, and blue, Berrios’ glove could almost be mistaken for Dansby Swanson’s glove from afar. And, just like when we featured Swanson’s glove, we love the look of the red and blue on the dark brown leather.

Not only is the colorway on Jose Berrios’ glove unique (which can be bad or good, good in this case), it is one of the nicest looking gloves both among pitchers (who are not necessarily known to make flashier gloves) but among the entire pool of MLB players.


Overall, Jose Berrios’ glove is perfect for the position he plays, pitcher, due to the combination of a perfect pattern, grip-concealing web, and a colorway that is not bland or ugly, but unique and beautiful.

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