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Jose Altuve’s Glove: Custom Wilson A2K 1716 Single Post

Jose Altuve has been using this fire Custom Wilson A2K 1786 Single Post in games this season, and a lot of people are calling for its release to the public. Why is it so popular? Take a look for yourself:

How can you not like this glove? It is about as different as it gets. Jose Altuve’s Glove has a new single post web and a new pattern, the 1716 pattern. Here is a better view of the web:

Just in case you are wondering, that is cut leather in the web. The colorway on this glove is sweet. Altuve went with a black and orange Astros-themed combo, and most of us can agree that combo is sick. Here’s a better picture of the full glove:

Onto the pattern. Altuve uses the new 1716T pattern. Here are the features of the 1716T pattern:

  • T-Web with cut leather
  • 11.5″: a great size for 2B
  • D-Shaped pocket for a shallower pocket

Now for a picture of the actual glove:

Jose Altuve's Glove

There aren’t any modes currently on sale that are related to Altuve’s glove, but check out his other models that he warms up with/designed or are fairly close to his model.

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