The lights-out Cubs Ace Jon Lester uses a fire Custom Nike Sha-Do Elite on the bump. It looks great, but there’s one problem: the ball seems to get stuck in it:

It’s not everyday something like this, but it happens to Lester every year. Let’s take a look at his glove:

Not to be too judgmental, but the leather, padding, and inserts look kind of thin. The leather looks smooth and tight-grained. The lacing looks flimsy, but this picture was taken after a full season of use. Overall, I am not overly impressed by how the quality looks from the picture, but I would have to actually feel one to make a better judgement.

In terms of looks, I love Jon Lester’s Glove. The black leather with red stitching looks flames. That Nike swoosh with the blue outlining looks amazing. As much as you and I want one, Nike does not sell any model anywhere close to this to the public.