Joe Panik’s Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB

Joe Panik will be getting some gold labels on his glove after a tremendous season that was capped off with the Gold Glove award. Here he is using his glove:

Joe Panik's Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB

Panik uses the “Rawlings 1786″ aka the Rawlings PROS1150. This pattern is called the Rawlings 1786 due to that fact that it plays a lot like the 1786 (duh) and plays different from other Rawlings glove. Instead of flatter fingers, they are slightly curved. The PROS1150 is 11.5”, comes with an I-Web, and is only available to pros as of now.

Joe Panik’s Glove has orange embroidery, but the closest picture of Joe Panik’s Glove is this one. This also gives you an idea of the pattern.
Joe Panik's Glove:

Boy do I wish Rawlings sold a glove like Panik uses. Like I said earlier, I was able to feel a Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB and it felt heavenly. The closest thing Rawlings offers is a 2174, which is still 11.5″ but will have flatter fingers. You can get a replica of Joe Panik’s Glove in the 2174 hereor as reader TJ noted, there is a Pro Preferred PROS202B with the same colorway and a slightly different pattern that is available at this link.

Joe Panik's Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1150KB


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  1. What about PROS202B stock Pro Preferred. That looks similar to what Joe is using.

    • That’s a great point. However, the 200 pattern and the pattern Panik uses (1150 pattern) are somewhat different. The 200 will play deeper than the 1150. The 202 will also break-in better two-in-the-pinky than the 1150. Anyway, given our options, the PROS202B will be the best glove at the price, as the $450 price for a simple black glove (the custom option) is not a good deal. I found the PROS202B for $320 as well, which you can check out here.

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