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Javier Baez’ Glove: Custom SSK in Blue, Red, and White

Javier Baez makes SSK look really good. As one of the few players to use an SSK glove, Baez is naturally a huge ambassador for their brand considering his use of SSK and his newly gained popularity from a standout 2016 season. Javier Baez’ glove for the upcoming season continues the trend of his sick SSK glove designs:

Javier Baez' Glove: SSK in Blue, Red, and White

SSK has many custom options available, and Baez takes full advantage of these choices. In addition to the fairly unique spiraled laced web and two line embroidery, Baez chose a fire three color design. The red, white, and blue is his flashiest design yet, and arguably his filthiest colorway yet. Baez is showing his style early in his career, and his designs will only get better year after year.

Javier Baez' Glove: SSK in Blue, Red, and White

All of the options on Javier Baez’ glove are available on SSK’s custom glove builder. As evidenced from Javier Baez’ use of SSK gloves over the long MLB season, it looks like SSK is not only putting out a good looking product, but a high quality product as well, and something that can compete with the big glove companies.

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