Jason Kipnis held down the fort at second base for the Indians this year with a pretty nice Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO200-4KB. Jason Kipnis’ Glove is about as clean as it gets,┬áblack leather with red embroidery.
Jason Kipnis' Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS200-4
Kipnis is one of the few middle infielders to use a Modified Trapeze web. The other would be J.J. Hardy. The modified trapeze web is actually really nice for the middle infield because it is a shallow but flexible web. Here’s a look at the design of Jason Kipnis’ Glove:
Jason Kipnis' Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO200-4KB
Kipnis went with the all-black colorway with red embroidery. No, it’s not flashy, but it’s sharp and hasn’t gotten dirty quickly.
Kipnis also went with the 11.5″ PROS200 pattern, meaning a Pro Preferred. The 200 pattern is basically the official Rawlings pattern of middle infielders as it so popular.
Overall, this glove is really sweet, and you can get Jason Kipnis’ Glove at the link below.

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