Jameson Taillon is the latest stud to come out of the Minor Leagues, and he brings a fire glove up with him. Here is a look of Jameson Taillon’s Glove:

Jameson Taillon's Glove

Source: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America

Taillon’s glove is simple: black and gunmetal gray. The colorway on Jameson Taillon’s glove is the same colorway found on the original A1K’s. Those A1K’s looked amazing, as does Taillon’s glove. Although it’s simple, black with gunmetal stitching looks sweet. Here’s a picture of the design:

Jameson Taillon's Glove

Taillon uses the newer D33 pattern. The D33 is 11.75″ with a Modified Trapeze Loop. Taillon also got a finger hood on the middle finger. Taillon actually used the stock A2K D33 earlier this year, but decided to go custom when the regular season came along.


Taillon’s glove is available through the custom builder, but paying $550 for his glove may be a little outrageous as it is┬áhardly a “custom” glove. However, if you want it, you can get it here.