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8 Infield Gloves that are Perfect Gifts for Christmas

In a world full of glove models, it tough to find the perfect gift. To narrow down your searching, I’ve compiled a list of the best gloves to get, each into their own separate price section to fit whatever budget you have.


Most of you aren’t willing to pay $500+ for a glove (don’t worry, there are more affordable options), but there are some very expensive models out there for those who want the best-of-the-best gloves.

Rawlings Gold Glove Collection RGG314-2B

Rawlings Gold Glove Collection RGG314-2B

In terms of just quality, the Rawlings Gold Glove Collection RGG314-2B shines. The European Kip leather feels amazing and the liner is very comfortable. The Rawlings Gold Glove Collection RGG314-2B is perhaps the most luxurious glove on the market, but you’ll $500 pay for it. You can get it here.

Custom Wilson A2K

Custom Wilson A2K

Custom Wilson A2K’s are a huge investment that is worth the money. At $550, the price is steep, but the look of a person getting a custom is priceless. Letting your giftee choose from the many options makes the experience even better. Start customizing here.


Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS314-2BC

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS314-2BC

I checked in with a few retailers to see what their most popular Rawlings glove was, and most replied with the glove you see above: the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS314-2BC. I can certainly see why. At 11.5″, it’s perfect for the infield, and it looks and feels great too. You’ll pay $350, but it’s worth every penny. Get it here.

Wilson A2K 1786

2017 Wilson A2K 1786

Wilson’s most popular infield model in the given price range is the Wilson A2K 1786. Its looks and quality make it one of the best gloves on the market, and its 11.5″ length makes it perfect for the infield. Its looks and quality make it a glove any kid would fall in love it on Christmas day. Get it here.


Mizuno Pro Limited GMP600AXBK

Mizuno Pro Limited GMP600BK

The Mizuno Pro Limited GMP600AXBK is so good that it retails for $500, but has been discounted to half of that, $250. At 11.5″, the pattern is perfect for the middle infield. You won’t regret buying a Mizuno Pro Limited because they feel so nice and will last a lifetime. Get the GMP600AXBK here.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROTT2

Rawlings PROTT2

Most kids’ faces will light up when they see the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROTT2. The Troy Tulowitzki model is well-known, and most kids want it because it hasn’t been available for a long time. Get it here.

Wilson A2000 1786

Wilson A2000 1786

Chances are, you’ve seen this glove already, because the Wilson A2000 1786 is the most popular individual glove model of the last few years. When it comes to perfection, this glove is the definition. The beautiful blonde color paired with the amazing 11.5″ pattern make this glove one of the best options. Get it here.


Custom 44 Pro

custom 44 pro gloves

44 does a great job pricing and making their gloves, offering a fully custom glove for $185. The quality is great, and you have abundant options to make your own custom glove. Start customizing your dream glove here.

There are many more options, but these are hands-down the best. There’s a very good chance whoever you are buying a glove for will love any of these models for as long as they can.


Every glove on this list is a high quality, durable glove that will last many seasons of heavy use. Also, kids love looks, and all of these gloves look amazing. And lastly, you are getting a glove that is perfect for the position your child plays- whether that is shortstop or second base. Any of these gloves will light your special someone’s face up on Christmas day.

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