2016 Gold Glove Recipient Ian Kinsler is perhaps the only infielder in the MLB to use a Nike glove, but he’s giving them a good rep with his recent phenomenal season in the field. Here he is using his glove:

That one heck of a glove. I love that black leather with the orange combo. The gray was a great touch. There is absolutely no doubt Nike makes some dope gloves, just looking at Mike Trout’s glove and Jon Lester’s glove and now Ian Kinsler’s Glove makes me wish Nike made customs for us. Here is another angle:

That web is sick. It looks like a One-piece web variation with I-Web lacing at the base. Kinsler also uses 11.25″, which seems to becoming less and less popular over time, but seeing guys succeed with it shows it still gets the job done.

I wish Nike made custom gloves for us. Just looking at these gloves makes all of us want a look alike or at least our own choice of options. Nike customization is off the charts.
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I’ll leave you guys with his defensive highlights. His hands are crazy fast.