Taking simple steps to care for your glove is the easiest way to ensure its longevity for many seasons. However, most players don’t know how to take care of their glove off the field, and in this post we break down the simple methods to keep your glove in tip-top shape:

Keep your glove out of extreme weather: You can’t always control this when on the diamond, but when you’re not using the glove, you should not let it sit in the rain, in a hot car, in the sun, or anywhere else where the climate may affect or damage the leather.

Store it correctly: Most players throw their glove in their bag. Instead, you should aim to either carry your glove or place it in a bag with a baseball (infield mitt) or softball (outfield mitt) in the pocket. A pricey option is a Webgem glove care kit.

Use Oil on it Infrequently: Glove Oil is an easy way to clean and condition your glove, but too much of it can damage and weigh down the glove. We recommend using Mitt Spit glove conditioner and only using it once every few months.

Wipe off excess sweat/dirt: If you’re on a dusty field or it’s particularly hot out on the field, your glove is going to soak up sweat and dirt. After one of these days, take a dry towel and wipe the excess sweat and dirt from the leather.

Tighten the Laces Frequently: Unless you truly like the loose-lace feel, tightening the laces on your glove is in your best interest. This protects the leather laces from unnecessary strain that will break it down over time. And when the laces are worn out, relacing them is a great idea.

Use It Frequently: The best way to keep your glove’s shape is to use it. While this isn’t a problem during the season, your glove may sit dormant over the winter. By using it regularly, even a few days per week in the offseason, you’ll allow it to stay ready for the next season.