Every year, Giancarlo Stanton tweaks the colorway of his glove ever so slightly. In 2014, he went with a black and orange back with a camel palm. In 2015, he went with a orange palm instead of the camel. This year, 2016, Giancarlo Stanton’s Glove has the same black and orange back, orange palm, but with orange welting instead of black and blue stitching instead of white. Take a look:

Giancarlo Stanton's Glove

While the picture is sort of grainy, we are able to see a black back, orange trim, welting, and palm, and royal embroidery and stitching. Stanton also has a two color web design, with black vertical bars and a unique orange horizontal bar (not available on the custom builder). Giancarlo Stanton’s Glove is clearly modeled after the Marlins’ team colors, and looks very nice and flashy. Stanton surely knows how to design a glove.

Giancarlo Stanton's Glove

The model number of Giancarlo Stanton’s Glove is PROS27HFB, signifying a 13″ outfield pattern with an H-web and a fastback design. Stanton is one of the few players to use this a fastback with the H-web, and one of the few players to combine the aforementioned specifications with the 27 pattern (the Pro Department equivalent of the 302 pattern). As compared to the famous and popular 303 pattern, the 302/27 pattern is rounder and wider.

All in all, Giancarlo Stanton’s Glove is one-of-a-kind in the MLB. That is not bad at all, as his glove is an absolute beaut.

Despite how unique Giancarlo Stanton’s Glove is, you can get a very similar model on the Rawlings custom builder. Instead, it will come in a Heart of the Hide (available-to-the-public Pro Preferred’s can’t be made with a lot of flash) and without the orange horizontal bar.