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Francisco Lindor’s Gloves (And a Look at His New Platinum Labels)

Francisco Lindor's Gloves

After seeing the above picture in my Twitter stream, I decided to look into Francisco Lindor’s Gloves. What I uncovered is pretty sweet.

I got to see every glove he has worn this year, and I am happy to show you the heat:

Francisco Lindor’s Game Glove

Francisco Lindor's Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS15ICB

Lindor’s game glove is filthy, yet clean. Although the leather is just all black, the red lacing just pops. Adding the platinum labels just makes this glove even better:

Francisco Lindor's game glove

I love the look of the shiny plats with the black leather and red laces. The glove has worn so well, too, but I have come to expect that from black Pro Preferred leather.

Francisco Lindor’s gamer is actually available as a stock glove.

Francisco Lindor’s Warmup Glove- #1

Lindor must have just gotten this glove for the playoffs, as there is no pictorial evidence of Lindor using this during the regular season. However, he got platinum labels on his warmup glove anyways:

White usually shows use, and this one shows no wear, but you can obviously see that Lindor used this glove from a few photos up. So, he must have kept it off of any dirt. I can not blame him, because that white/navy/red look is filthy.

Francisco Lindor’s Warmup Glove: #2

This model is dirty as well. Gray looks fire brand new, and it looks good with some use, too. I know this glove got some use, as MLB posted a picture of this exact glove on their Instagram on opening day, and Lindor is seen here using it in the playoffs.

Commonalities Among Francisco Lindor’s Gloves

I found a ton of commonalities between all of Francisco Lindor’s Gloves, like:

1) 11.75″: Lindor’s glove are all 11.75″ because he probably likes the greater length he gets with an 11.75″ glove.
2) Pro Preferred: Lindor probably likes the smoother feel of the Pro Preferred line combined with the stiffer and more durable materials.
3) Red: Lindor likes to show his team pride, using team colors on all of his gloves and putting it with a neutral base color like white or black.
4) Finger Pad: yes, it is a minor detail, but some players just prefer having that extra piece of leather on the index finger. Lindor is one of those players.
5) I-web: the most popular web at shortstop is Francisco Lindor’s choice of web style. I am telling you, it is just the perfect pocket an I-web forms.

Final Thoughts

My favorite glove here has to be his gamer, the black and red glove that is so clean yet dirty, especially with the platinum labels.

Which of Francisco Lindor’s Gloves is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section.

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