When discussing perhaps the cleanest gloves in the MLB, the orange tan, single post glove of Evan Longoria immediately comes to mind. In fact, it was listed on the best MLB third basemen gloves in an article I wrote on What Pros Wear. Taking a look at Evan Longoria’s glove will provide some insight into why I like it so much:

Reason one for its sweetness is the orange tan look that is just gorgeous. Despite how nice it looks, Longoria is one of the few MLB players to use the color. In an age where players are gung-ho for custom gloves, an orange tan glove here and there is refreshing. Here is the exact design of Evan Longoria’s glove, complete with Wilson yellow logos and split welting:

Evan Longoria's Glove: Orange Tan Wilson A2000 EL3

Reason two for its sweetness is the simple single post look of the EL3 pattern. The single post web is paired with an 11.75″ pattern that is anything but simple. With a unique round and deep pocket, the EL3 pattern was specifically engineered for Longoria at the hot corner, and now it is available to any third basemen who so wishes to use it.

In general, Evan Longoria’s glove is one of the simplest gloves in the MLB today. Although it does not fit the new mold of flashy gloves, Evan Longoria’s glove stands out in the crowd because of how handsome it is.

Here are the links:

Evan Longoria’s Exact Colorway through the Wilson Custom Builder ($350)

Comparable Models:

Blonde and Blue Wilson A2000 EL3 ($250)