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Elysian Baseball Glove Review

Many of you may not have heard of the baseball glove company Elysian, so I decided to do a review on one of their models. The glove I will be reviewing is the Elysian 1150BO, an 11.5″ infield model with a laced cross web. Here is what it looked like new:

Elysian 1150BO

After using it almost daily and using it in a few games, I was able to compile an in-depth review on the whole glove. The sections will be: materials, pattern, and value. Here’s a picture to show the use of the glove:


First, the materials. Elysian uses U.S. Kip Leather on their gloves. I am huge fan of this leather. It is super lightweight, but has been durable so far. The lacing is not great, however. It somewhat stretches a lot, and get floppy and sort off dirty quickly. The steerhide liner isn’t very comfy, but it gets the job done as my hand doesn’t fall out of the glove. Overall, the materials on my Elysian glove are pretty good.


The pattern of my Elysian is perfect for the middle infield. It plays like the DJ2 pattern from Rawlings with the slightly bent fingers, shallow pocket, and thumb-to-middle closure. The fit of the glove is an adult fit, so it should fit anyone’s hand. This pattern and fit is one of the best I have felt, maybe just behind the 1786 from Wilson.


I think this glove is a great value. For the $170 you can get an Elysian for, I think its a great value. The materials are very good, the glove is probably the lightest I have ever felt, and the patterns are very position-specific. You can pick up your own Elysian at the button below.

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By the way, if you are looking for more reviews, you can check out my buddy Milan’s review on his custom Elysian here.

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