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Easton Baseball Gloves – College Edition

Easton, one of the biggest suppliers of college baseball gloves, just delivered some gorgeous gloves to various colleges.

Let’s get straight into the goods:


USCB Easton Baseball Gloves
The University of California Santa Barbara players are spoiled with a ton of new Easton leather, enough to spell out a four letter acronym.

As you can see from the picture, there is a lot of blue, blonde, black, and even some yellow. To give you a better look at the different variety of gloves, here are a few individual pictures:

USCB Easton Baseball Gloves

I am a huge fan of the blonde color.


Nevada Easton baseball gloves

There is a huge variety of colors on the Nevada Easton baseball gloves, but I see a lot of blue. Here are a few closer shots of a few of my favorite gloves from Nevada:

Nevada Easton baseball gloves

I am in love with the black and blonde glove at the bottom of the picture.


Minnesota Easton baseball gloves

There is a lot of maroon in the picture to match the team colors. The USA-themed glove in the picture catches my eye, and is my favorite glove of this batch.

Coastal Carolina

Coastal Carolina Easton baseball gloves

The defending champions are going to look good defending their title with their new Easton leather.

These gloves look more like commemorative gloves than gloves to be used in games. My favorite is the top glove, with the “Thank you ” embroidery.

Which would you rather have: the gloves or the trophy?

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Boston College

Boston College Easton baseball gloves

The Boston College players kept it classy: black and blonde with some infusion of the team color – maroon. I find the bottom left model especially attractive.


Virginia Easton Baseball Gloves

A little bit of classic colors, and a little bit of team colors, leading to two gloves that are sweet.


Troy Easton baseball gloves

Troy has a lot of diversity among their designs, creating gloves with many different base colors. Here are some closer shots to show the diversity a bit better:

Troy Easton baseball gloves

Here you see a lot of blonde and maroon, not quite what you saw in the first picture. The maroon looks especially nice on the bottom left model.

Southern Mississippi

Southern Mississippi Easton baseball gloves

More assortment of colors. You can see blonde (I am sensing a trend), black, and a dark brown color that is majestic.


Kentucky Easton baseball gloves

Kentucky’s players must be proud of their school, as most of the gloves they designed have their school colors: blue and white. This is the first time a school had the overwhelming majority of designs containing the team colors, especially as the main color.

BONUS: Andre Ethier’s Gloves

Andre Ethiers' Gloves

@Glovecowboy sent me pictures of both of Ethier’s gloves for the 2017 season, both tan 12.75″ H-web designs.

Ethier is the only MLB player to be sponsored by Easton at this moment. But, judging by the looks of the other gloves in this article, I could see more pros jumping aboard the Easton train.

6 Things I Noticed by Observing the College-Issue Easton Baseball Gloves

1) There are a lot of blonde gloves. I am not complaining one bit, as Easton’s blonde leather is incredible.

2) Easton offers a wide collection of colors to choose from. As you were able to see from the pictures, the college players took full advantage of this.

3) The construction is different, yet outstanding. Easton’s pattern design is a lot different than other companies, but I do not see one crease, wrinkle, or any other flaw on any of these gloves.

4) Easton offers a lot of pattern and web options. The pictures show a open back/I-web, trapeze fastback, and just a ton of other web options. This can be good or bad, but with huge rosters like college teams have, lots of options are good.

5) The college logos are sweet. Easton did a great job of executing the logos on the thumb of each glove.

6) Each glove is from the new Legacy Elite line. The old Mako Limited line is now replaced with better and cheaper Legacy Elite line. These models have Seto Steerhide leather, a strong leather that will stand up to a full season of college baseball.

Final Thoughts

I am shocked at the quality of product that Easton is putting out for their sponsored colleges.

Let us see if Easton releases custom gloves soon. I would sure hope so.

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