Dustin Pedroia’s Glove: 2017 Wilson A2K DP15

In the past, Dustin Pedroia has worn a red and black glove, a saddle tan glove, and a walnut and orange tan glove. This year, Dustin Pedroia’s Glove, the 2017 Wilson A2K DP15, is tweaked a bit in both pattern and colorway:

Dustin Pedroia's Glove: 2017 Wilson A2K DP15

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It is pretty ovious that Pedroia continued his tradition of caking his glove with pine tar, but underneath that mixture of dirt and tar is a unique black, gunmetal, orange tan, and saddle tan glove. There is black on the palm and back, gunmetal on the web and thumb, saddle tan welting and binding, and lastly, orange tan laces:

Dustin Pedroia's Glove: 2017 Wilson A2K DP15

The grime drastically changed the looks of Dustin Pedroia’s Glove. Looking at Pedroia’s design new and used, the colorway is certainly interesting, but does not include some Red Sox red, instead featuring a mix of classic colors that do not at all match his prior designs and his team colors.

The Pattern, The New and the Old

Despite our mention of a new pattern design, the new DP15 shares the same specifications and features that have been on the older models. Dustin Pedroia’s Glove is 11.5″ with an I-web, just as his game models have been for the past few years. Because your hands don’t just grow when you reach your 20’s and 30’s, Pedroia still orders the tighter fit (named in his honor) on his game glove. Also, Dustin Pedroia’s Glove features the lower profile heel and thinner palm that give Pedroia the extra feel that he loves.

But, the construction of Dustin Pedroia’s Glove was tweaked a bit. The addition of an extra pinky hinge and a notch between the index and middle fingers make the DP15 pattern more middle infield friendly by making the pocket both shallower and wider. Plus, the natural close of this new design better suits Pedroia’s two-in-the-pinky style and thumb-ring finger flex.

So, while the specifications and features remain the same, the construction of the DP15 pattern was revamped to create a better pocket for Pedroia at second.


Ever since grainy, zoomed-in photos circulated the various social media feeds, debates have broken out among glove fanatics. At first, nobody besides Wilson and Pedroia knew what to make of the new pattern, and nobody besides the same parties mentioned knew the exact colors on Dustin Pedroia’s Glove.

Fast forward to the middle of the season, around July, when better photos of Dustin Pedroia’s Glove emerged and the stock 2017 Wilson A2K DP15 was released and hit store shelves, the debates begun. The colorway and new pattern design were argued, with a rather large crowd finding the colorway ugly and the pattern odd. Which side do you take?

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Whether it’s the pattern or the colorway, Dustin Pedroia’s Glove is brand new and unique for 2016. And, just like every year for the past few years, Dustin Pedroia’s Glove is available as a stock glove, this year as the stock 2017 Wilson A2K DP15.

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  1. I’m not the kind of person that’s trigger to buy a glove. Just don’t & haven’t bought a glove since 2013 “Wilson of course” This glove struck me odd at first, even discarded it as another Wilson. But then began researching in depth, what Dustin Pedroia and Aso “cause I’m curios”. This glove pays homage in a way to the past, looks a lot like the Robinson Cano Spalding Pro-Stock line and also the Rawlings 1998 Ken Griffey Trap-Eze RKG 24. In that tradition, but now why the gunmetal? nothing before like it has mixed the traditional with the modern glove leather options of today. The gunmetal might be a Wilson addition by Aso? It might also be a way for Wilson to stick it to Rawlings past traditions. As Rawlings gloves hits a total identity crisis wall by changing with the times and adding more flashy color gloves for the evermore flashy ball player. Even transforming the color of Rawlings logos in a desperate attempt to survive in the glove market.

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