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Throwing it back: Dustin Pedroia’s Easton Glove

It’s pretty much a household fact that Dustin Pedroia currently and has been using Wilson for a long time now. But, before signing a huge deal with Wilson, he used Easton. Just for proof’s sake, here’s a picture of Dustin Pedroia’s Easton Glove:

Dustin Pedroia's Easton Glove

As you can see Pedroia did in fact use an Easton glove. He used it at the start of his career (2007-2009) after using Wilson in college (weird, right?). My best guess is that Wilson didn’t try that hard to sign Pedroia right out of college due to the fact that he used their gloves in college. When Wilson didn’t jump and sign Pedroia, Easton did.

Dustin Pedroia's Easton Glove

Pedroia used an 11.75″ Easton E-Pro model, which isn’t all that surprising considering that Pedroia will go back to an 11.75″ Wilson when he doesn’t like the feel of a glove and he uses a Steerhide-leather glove (Easton’s E-Pro models used Steerhide). Here’s a look at the Easton model he used:

Dustin Pedroia's Easton Glove

There’s no surprise with Pedroia’s color choices on his Easton glove way back in 2007-2009. Pedroia always has a little bit of black on his glove, and he loves Wilson’s saddle tan color. His Easton had black and Easton’s version of tan, a classic combo that Pedroia sometimes reverts back to on his new Wilson gloves.

Dustin Pedroia's Easton Glove

It’s always cool to look back at players’ old sponsorships, in this case Dustin Pedroia. I am sort of shocked that Pedroia used an Easton glove because when I think Dustin Pedroia, I think Wilson.

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