Dexter Fowler is playing really well right now, so I figured it was a great time to feature his glove, a Custom Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS303-6. Dexter Fowler’s Glove is one of the nicest gloves I have ever seen, so take a look:
Dexter Fowler's Glove: Custom Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS303-6
Wow. Fowler took classic black leather and gray split welting and added some flare to the glove. A lot of flare. Like red hand sewn welting and web and blue binding and lacing flare. That red hand sewn welting just catches my attention. I want it.

Fowler went with what seems the MLB-standard Rawlings outfield pattern, the 303-6. The 303 pattern is 12.75″ and features a deep pocket and medium width to go along with a squared-off heel design that makes the perfect thumb to pinky closure. The H-Web just works with this pattern, as it helps form the deep pocket and stays firm.
Dexter Fowler's Glove: Custom Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS303-6
The design above shows you what you will get when you order from the custom builder. No hand sewn welting, which is something we all wish Rawlings would add. You still get a fire glove and a glove that will match a glove of a pro. Pretty sweet, and you can get it at the link below or shop stock PROS303-6’s below the button.

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