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Dee Gordon’s Glove(s): Wilson A2000 1786’s and Wilson A2000 Training Glove

Dee Gordon is one of those players that you look forward to seeing his fly gear when spring training starts. Every bit of his gear is sweet, but we like to focus on his fire gloves. This year, he chose two fire designs among three gloves:

Dee Gordon's Glove: Wilson A2000 1786

Source: @MLB

He got two gloves in the same colorway he has used the past two years, and a design that is new with some tropical blue (no rhyme intended). Let’s go over each one:

Two Wilson A2000 1786’s in Blonde, Black, and Orange

Dee Gordon's Glove: Wilson A2000 1786

It looks like Dee Gordon is going to continue on with the same design that he has been using for two years thus far. This design is so old that it was made into the Wilson Glove of the Month November. Despite how many years it has been in our eyes, it’s still so nice.

The official color scheme is a blonde back, palm, welting, and wrist, a black web and welting, and black and orange logos. Gordon also threw some Super Skin on the back of the glove. Here is the design of the glove:

Dee Gordon's Glove: Wilson A2000 1786

It’s a simple design that nonetheless looks fantastic. Just enough class (with the black and blonde) and just enough flash (with the orange logos that POP).

Wilson A2000 Training Glove in Blonde, Black, Tropical Blue, and Orange

Dee Gordon's Glove: Wilson A2000 1786

Source: @MLB

Gordon shows his true self with a flashier design that incorporates more colors. This model is a little odd, mostly because there is no logo on the web. The answer: it’s a training glove, and one of the best looking training gloves in the MLB.

Dee Gordon’s Training Glove incorporates blonde on the palm, web, back, and wrist, orange lacing, tropical blue welting and binding, a black Super Skin back, and black and orange logos. Here is a visual representation of the design:

The design of Dee Gordon’s Training glove is straight flames. This is another example of how great tropical blue looks (see Jose Fernandez), especially when paired up with blonde, black, and orange. If it wasn’t a training glove, I would love to see this released as a Glove of the Month.

Which Design is Your Favorite?

My vote goes to his Training Glove. Where does your vote go?

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