With Spring Training coming up, we’re making our last rounds of the Pro’s 2016 gloves. Today, we are featuring one of Wilson’s most popular gloves from one of their most popular sponsors: David Wright’s Glove, a Wilson A2K DW5:

2017 Wilson A2K DW5

When Wright was first approached Wilson quite a few years ago (it’s possible but unlikely that he approached them), he wanted a glove that had a super deep pocket to vacuum ground balls at the hot corner, something with a 12″ length, and something that wasn’t super wide. Combining all of these traits together, the DW5 pattern was created. Ever since its creation, Wright has been using it and tweaking it every year.

David Wright's Glove: Wilson A2K DW5

Typically Wright goes for a simple colorway: blonde, brown, maybe some orange accents. This year, David Wright’s Glove features a ton of customization and a design nobody thought that Wright would ever create.

Firstly, David Wright’s Glove has a slick coal, orange, and blue design. It is different from what Wright typically designs, but I like it. So far, other people have had mixed feelings about his glove. What do you think?

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Secondly, for the second straight year, Wright has a custom stamp on his game model, right on the wrist:

Wilson A2K DW5

This customization is awesome, and Wilson did a phenomenal job on the stamping design and the finished product.

David Wright's Glove: Wilson A2K DW5

For the first year, David Wright let the glove guru, Aso, break-in his glove. In a video with Wilson (skip till the end):

… Wright mentions this as well as how pleased he is with the job that Aso did. Yet another happy Aso customer. David Wright’s Glove usually gets broken-in by David himself, but he switched it up a little this year.

Sadly, Wright did not get to use his glove that much this year. An injury ended his season early, forcing his glove to only get a small amount of time in games and a lot of time in warm-ups and on a shelf. Despite this, Wilson still continued the tradition of releasing the Wilson A2K DW5.

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