In 2016, David Price made a switch to Rawlings from Louisville Slugger. Just like when he was with LS, Price orders a ton of gloves before the season, each with a different design. Let’s go over each of David Price’s Gloves from 2016:

Game Glove #1: Red and Navy

David Price’s first glove of 2016 and his first glove in Boston is a true Red Sox glove, incorporating both red and navy. With the red base, this is the flashiest of David Price’s Gloves.

Game Glove #2: Timberglase and Camel

The timberglase look is not only super clean, but it is also the only model Price made that could not be classified as “flashy.” Price used this glove during three different periods during the year (each separated by use of another glove), and Price may have liked this one the best, as he continually went back to it.

David Price's Gloves timberglase

Game Glove #3: Black and Red

The black look with red lacing is simple. Either way, it is up there for the nicest of David Price’s Gloves. Just like the prior glove we featured, Price went back to this glove many times throughout the season.

David Price's Gloves

Game Glove #4: Dark Shadow, Red, and Navy

This model in dark shadow, navy, and red is probably the most creative glove Price made, and also the biggest. At 12.5″, this glove also is the only glove on this list with a dual hinge web. As a matter of fact, this was released as a Rawlings Glove Club model. Price also liked to cycle this glove in a few times during the season.

Game Glove #5: Red and Black

Price’s 5th game glove incorporated a lot of red, even though the base color was black. David Price also went with a basket web on this model, and threw a wristband on the wrist for whatever reason.

David Price's Gloves

Warm Up Glove

David Price's Gloves

His warm up glove is a stock glove – the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS204-4C. It is smaller than any other glove Price has used at 11.5″, and has a modified trapeze web, something Price has not used this year.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS204-4C

Which one of David Price’s Gloves is your Favorite?

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