When tuning into a Blue Jays game this year, I noticed Darwin Barney’s Glove. I looked into his glove a bit, looking at pictures like this:

I was able to find the model, colorway, and pretty much everything about it. Here is the specification table that I compiled after some research:

Darwin Barney’s Glove
Brand Series Model #
Wilson A2000 1786
Size Web Colors
11.5″ I Saddle Tan, Black

Barney uses the most popular Wilson pattern at both second and short (according to our case studies), the 1786. At 11.5″ with the shallow I-web, it is perfect for the position Darwin Barney plays, second base.

Now onto the design:

Darwin Barney's Glove: Custom Wilson A2000 1786

I really like the classic look on this glove. I can not say that I have a black base with saddle tan welting and binding (and web). Either way, this color combo is hot, and something I would like to see it in the future.

As for now, the only way to get Darwin Barney’s Glove through the Wilson Custom Builder.